Dx air handling units + condensing unit

Dx air handling units + condensing unit


Air cooled direct-expansion type modular air handling units

Air cooled direct-expansion series air handling unit. It was launched as air conditioning unit for special occasions, with cooling and heat sources, with air handling and automatic control, and other functions in one unit. It has a simple system, convenient installation and maintenance, efficient operation and less investment, etc.

The actual benefits

For the design consultant:

Complete equipment specifications, convenient selection, so that it helps to shorten the design cycle. Select and recommend energy-saving and efficient solutions for end-users and contributed to the success of the project.Lower downtime and higher reliability, it is the key advantage of meeting end-users product craft requirements of a particular system.

For the end-user:

Simple system solutions; repair and maintain more conveniently and achive best cost effectiveness.Higher energy efficiency and energy saving, it can reduce electricity costs.Reliability to make you less worry and reduce downtime.