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Founded by a team of professionals with extensive experience in Refrigeration & Hvac sytems , Geeepats specializes in sale of reliable and professional cold storage products from Chillers to Freezers, Coolers,

Individual Quick Freezer (IQF), Blast Freezer, Plate Freezers, Vegetables processing units, Meat processing units, Ice Process unit, Fish processing units, Canning Industry, Bakery process units, Chocolate process units, Tomato processing plant, Dairy  plants ,Ice cream process units, Pickles units, Agro based process units , Vacuum Freezing ,Food Parks  etc .

HVAC systems for Parham Industry, Commercial Malls , Hotels ,Shopping malls, Cinema theatres, Convention Center’s ,Schools IT& Infra Companies  etc. Conceived with the sole aim of providing high quality products, innovative solutions and unparalleled customer service, Geeepats. Corporation remains focused to outperform customer’s expectations every time.

All our products are produced GEEEPATS brand by advanced equipment and technology, and passes through stringent quality control checks to ensure we deliver to the best standards always. These highly durable products are available in several different configurations and are engineered according to the customer’s specific requirement. 

ISO CERTIFICATION :                                                                                   



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