Air cooled box type

Air cooled  box type


Our water cooled screw chillers, water cooled screw type low temperature unit, flooded type water hillers, air-cooled screw chiller, air-cooled, water-cooled box type chillers products have been widely used in chemical industry, chemical fiber, plastics, oil, food, as long as the industry, printing, electroplating, electronics and other industries

1. Compressor: Vortex type compressor, adopt international brand fully enclosed vortex type maintenance free compressor
2. Heat exchanger: 5HP or bigger model, use high efficiency shell and tube evaporator and condenser

3. Control system: our own cotrol system, simple operation, accurate control;

4. Man-machine interface: the use of well-known brand controller and control interface, digital display, one key operation

5. Water tank: adopt the overall design and manufacture, the built-in standard high efficiency centrifugal pipeline pump, 304 stainless steel storage tank
6. In order to adapt to the different requirements of all walks of life, the use of different series of scroll compressor, refrigeration water temperature from 15 degrees to -35 degrees, sophisticated technology to ensure the stability of the work under the extreme conditions

7. The choice of environmental protection type R407C or R134a refrigerant.